We are very happy to have discovered this mod and we want to share it with you!

It's the EXPLORE MOD by Kawaiistacie for The Sims 4, that gives your Sims the opportunity to try their luck at gambling.

You can make up to $100,000 by gambling so we are sure that some of you will enrich your Sims family for a lot of Simoleons!


Explore Mod notes by Kawaiistacie [quoted]:

Certain options require certain packs!

For example: If you don't have "cool kitchen stuff" don't try to get takeout for ice-cream which will make your sim come home with ice-cream. You might get an error if you do since you do not have that pack. The other options that won't make your sim come home with items are safe to use.

Requirements: This is a rabbit hole base game mod but includes some features from other packs. If you don't have a certain pack you will not get the full benefit from certain options. 

This mod allows your sims to leave the lot through rabbit hole places and return with buffs, motive increases, skill increases, relationship increases, etc.. You can also shop for clothing, do part-time work, gamble your money away, get your nails done, visit the hospital, and more!  


Important: Certain places open and close during certain times, in different seasons, and on certain days. 

Are options not showing up?

Before your sims can begin going on adventures you will need to send your sims off to the DMV or transportation center to get their license or a bus pass. The DMV and transportation center is open 24 hours every single day.


This mod adds in a new trait called gambler, a new skill called gambling, and it also adds in a new interaction to the card table.

Gambling at home | Card Table

Amount you can make: up to $500

Can you lose money?: No

You will be able to gamble at home using a card table! You will not be able to lose money. You will only be able to gain money if you are the winner or none at all if you lose. It is good practice for building the gambling skill. How much money you make from winning will depend on your gambling skill. You will not make as much as you do at a rabbit hole. 

Gambling off lot | Rabbit Holes

Amount you can make: up to $10,000

Can you lose money?: YES

You will be able to choose how your sims gamble. It takes a lot of gambling to build the gambling skill! Your sim can lose money while gambling. How much money you can win will always depend on your gambling skill level. The higher the skill the more money you can make. You can compete in tournaments or just regular games! You can make up to $100,000 by gambling with a high skill level and luck!



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