SONY has revealed what the PlayStation VR2 will look like


Sony has revealed the design and look of its PlayStation VR2 headset. There will be no drastic changes compared to the design of the first headset, but there are still upgrades.

Sony has finally released the first images of the PlayStation VR 2 and revealed what the new generation of VR headsets should look like. We’ve already seen the controllers, but now we have the final design so we can see that the controllers on the outside will be white, modeled on the standard PlayStation 5 console model. It's the same with the headset itself.

Ergonomically, the PS VR2 will be the same as the first, unlike most other VR headsets that are placed directly on the face, PlayStation VR2 will still be the mainstay of the user's forehead, so the glasses themselves do not have to be attached to the face. The device will still have a wheel on the back to adjust the tension, the ability to adjust the size of the user's head. It will also be possible to adjust the distance of the lenses from the face/eyes.

But there are new things that the first PlayStation VR did not have, it was confirmed that it will be possible to adjust the distance between the lenses so that the user has an optimal view inside the headset. This is available on a number of other VR headsets so the good thing is that Sony has also adopted this for the PS VR2.

Another thing, above the lenses themselves, just above the nose area, is the "exhaust valve", the hole through which air exits. This was introduced to prevent fogging of the lens when using the device.

It is not yet publicly known when this headset could go on sale and at what price.

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