Next-gen GTA 5 coming March 15th 2022


Eight and a half years after the original release, the players at GTA Online have never been more numerous, at least that's what Rockstar claims.


Players should especially appreciate fast loading, which will be practically instant in case of character changes in SP, while in the Online version the only limitation now will be server response, so we have yet to see how it will work.

Rockstar also promises ray tracing, and as they say, they have also upgraded the textures, all of which will be loaded over longer distances. There's also 3D audio, and players will experience haptic vibration, resistance in triggers "and more" on the PS5 console.

Cross-play will not be available in any form, but it will be possible to continue the progress from the SP session on the new console and transfer the characters from the Online session.

Those who do not have GTA 5, will be able to play for free on PS5 for the first three months. 

Career Builder will direct you to one of the 4 available careers - biker, director, nightclub owner, or arms smuggler. Rockstar will start by offering you real estate, a car, weapons, and some money.

Another new thing in GTA Online is Hao's mechanical workshop with new parts and upgrades. 

So, on March 15th expect a LOT of new content for GTA 5.

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