Changes in the prices of Steam games are coming - New Discount Rules


Valve has changed some of the key rules of advertising prices on Steam.

The novelty is the rule that says that if you raise the price of the game, you must not lower it for the next 28 days. Which should significantly reduce the immoral practice of some developers who raised prices just before big sales, to make the discount look bigger.

Valve also eliminated those games that looked like they were constantly at a discount. Developers and publishers will be able to keep a certain game at a discount for no more than two weeks, after which they must not lower the price of the game again for the next 28 days.

And the most interesting news for us is that the titles on Steam will no longer be able to be reduced by more than 90%. 

Discount Rule Changes, March 28, 2022

From March 28, when the new rules come into force, the biggest possible discount will be 90%.

Valve's intention is absolutely clear. They want to eliminate those developers and publishers who, through questionable practices, manage to push their titles to the top of the trending charts during the biggest sales.

The goal is to provide players with more realistic prices and better discounts, and we will find out in spring what Steam will look like in the future.

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