Songs of Glimmerwick has been announced for 2023


Eastshade’s new adventure developer game is called Songs of Glimmerwick, belongs to the RPG genre, and takes us into the fantastic world of sorcery.

Witches and wizards are back in fashion. In addition to the Forspoken witch adventure and the wizarding title Hogwarts Legacy this year, Songs of Glimmerwick has just been announced for 2023. This is a new RPG by the creators of the acclaimed game Eastshade, which takes us to the University of Music for Witches.

It will be an isometric 2D game in which we will learn songs and music with our witch or wizard that enriches the world with magic. We will be able to influence meteorological conditions, automate jobs, talk to trees, and many more magical powers.

The University of Glimmerwick will have its own local population made up of people and animals, and conversations with them will be fully sounded. Extracurricular activities will include gardening, racing, forest expeditions, etc.

Songs of Glimmerwick is planned for PC and consoles, and we should be playing it sometime during 2023.


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