Are you excited about Paralives?


About a year ago, the first trailer for Paralives came out, a game that, with its freedom and creativity, could seriously jeopardize the monopoly set up by The Sims twenty years ago.

If you, like us, are longtime dedicated The Sims fans, this will definitely intrigue you! 

We assume that you have probably already seen some interesting videos about Paralives, that are irresistibly reminiscent of  The Sims! 

So, we’ve decided we need to share this with you!

Who is behind the idea?

The person behind the idea for this future game is Alex Massé, a longtime professional software engineer, game designer, and artist. Along with him, there are other people working in Paralives Studio (all programmers, designers, animators, and artists), all with the goal of bringing Paralives to life as soon as possible!

The cool thing is that all are avid The Sims fans (we are talking about 15+ years of playing), and during an interview, they said that the goal of Paralives was not to make a better version of The Sims, but that The Sims was a great inspiration, and they want their love for simulation games. focus on making your own!


Paralives is a reference to parallel lives! It is a newly announced simulation game (which, as the developers say, will be available for Mac and PC), in which you will be able to build houses, create characters and manage them in a completely open world.

As for build mode, they announce that Paralives players will have various possibilities to use powerful tools to build a dream home for their characters, and the biggest advantage is that there will be no grid restrictions. This way we will be able to build walls as high, long, and curved as we want.

They also promise complete control over the colors and size of the furniture.

Finally, the team behind Paralives claims that players will be able to play their characters in a completely open world, which means shops, parks, workplaces… That sounds really cool!

When can we expect it?

They are still hiding the exact date for now, because, as they say, they do not want to disappoint fans if there is an unplanned shift.

But if you want to participate in a discussion and contribute with an idea, you can do so on their Reddit, Discord, or Twitter channel.

FYI there was a Brainstorming Session with Paralives creators and we definitely suggest you check it out!

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