|MODS&CC| The Sims 4 Pre-Teen Mod by ItsKatato


Dear fans of The Sims 4 mods, we bring you one that caught our eye!

This is a Pre-Teen mod by ItsKatato.

We hope you will like it!

Find out more about The Sims 4 Pre-Teen mod below.


Now introducing my Sims 4 preteen mod! First of all the teens in this game look too grown. Sims go from a little kid to looking like they pay taxes. So that's why I created this mod to give us a good in-between phase.

How does it work?

When a child ages up into a teenager they get the pre-teen trait. They are automatically enrolled in middle school and are automatically made shorter than adults. Pre-teens go through phases more often than children & teens and the phases happen pretty quickly. They can also experience voice cracks.

Simple Hygiene System

I added a basic hygiene system to the game which is available to all sims. If you click on your sim you will have the option to apply lotion, body spray, and deodorant. Use the lotion after your sim gets out of the shower or they will have dry skin. The bodyspray gives your sims a confidence boost, but watch out, if you spray too much they get dizzy. The deodorant slows down hygiene decay and gets your sim smelling nice and fresh. 

Middle School

The middle school acts exactly like the grade school & high school that's in the game. In the school-focused pack for this mod, I'll be adding some cool features for middle school, but for now, it's pretty basic. Middle schoolers do get their own homework book so make sure you use that. 

Why doesn't the teen I made in CAS have the pre-teen trait?

A sim will only get the pre-teen trait if they age up in the game from a child to a teen. If you make a teen in CAS they are going to be a teen when the save starts. If you want to turn the teen into a preteen click on the teen and find the "preteen" pie menu. In this menu, you'll have the option to add the pre-teen trait, which removes them from high school & enrolls them in middle school. It also will automatically change their height.

Will the teens already in my save turn into pre-teens??

No, but if you want to turn them into a pre-teen you can use the interaction in the "preteen" pie menu on your teen to turn them into a pre-teen.

I don't want this sim to be a pre-teen!!

Okay cool, just go to the "pre-teen" pie menu on your pre-teen and choose the option to remove the pre-teen trait. This will change their height back to the default and enroll them in middle school.

Why can't my pre-teen be romantic?

I disabled the romance menu for pre-teens. I plan on making my own romance options in the next pack for this mod, so please be patient. 

What if I play on short/normal/long lifespan or with aging off?

When you first play with the mod in your game it will create an "ItsKatato_PreTeen_Settings.cfg" file. Exit the game and then open up that file. There will be two settings: preteen_agespan & enable_aging. For the preteen_agespan setting put how many days you want preteens to be preteens. For enable_aging keep it true if you play with aging on but make it False if you play with aging off. Then save the "ItsKatato_PreTeen_Settings.cfg". The next time you open the game the changes should be made.


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