Rumors about the sequel to Bully have been circulating in the gaming scene for years, but we still haven't received any more specific information, nor have Rockstar ever denied the existence of the game. 
Towards 2022, we continue in the same tone, bringing another rumor in a row.

There has been talking for a long time about how Rockstar actually started working on Bully 2 a long time ago but stopped it because of RDR 2. A former Rockstar employee himself stated that he was working on the game, so the work was stopped, but we can't confirm anything.

According to information coming to us from the good old and pretty credible Tom Henderson, Bully 2 is really real. 
Rockstar has not yet commented on Henderson's claims and this 'potential leak'. 
Neither Take-Two nor The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley have spoken out, so we'll have to wait some more details, but considering the history of Henderson's previous leagues, we definitely have reason to believe we'll see Bully's announcement soon.

Moreover, we were supposed to see his announcement last week during The Game Awards, and individuals have already seen a part of the gameplay of the game, suggesting that we could soon see the announcement of the game, which should not be so far.

There are five or six “proofs” that Bully 2 is evolving, but until that’s official, we can still just write and speculate with hope and desire that all of this “evidence” is accurate.

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