Loop Hero is being distributed for free on the Epic Games Store until 5 pm today - an interesting 2D game that first appeared in early 2021.

Epic's PC gifting season is underway, and the gift they offer until 5 pm today is the most current so far. Loop Hero is shared for free, a unique 2D game from the beginning of 2021.

The game costs 15 euros and is not a huge investment, but it is still relevant because it is not even a year old.

More about Loop Hero:

In this 2D title, you are literally spinning in a circle. The character moves automatically on a randomly created map, and each passage through the starting point (camp) raises the level of difficulty of the opponent on the road. Build the world off the beaten track yourself with the cards you win in battle. Everything you put on the map has some impact on the statistics of your character, opponents, or the world itself, and also brings you the resources to upgrade the camp. There is a mechanic of smart construction so for example mountains and valleys need to be placed next to each other to extract more resources or get a bonus for a character.

The key thing is that after a certain amount of cards you put on the map, the boss appears. You cannot avoid a conflict with him, but you can postpone it until you are ready for it. If you die during your cruise, then you lose up to 60% of the material collected, but you can also cowardly give up your expedition before the boss shows up and go back to camp with everything and try again.


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