The Sims 4 Farmland mod was updated for Halloween and now includes a new custom world, Pumpkin MysteryJack-o-lantern a treasure hunt to find all the hidden pumpkins in the new farming wo!


FARMLAND 3 + Pumpkin Mystery
I have created especially for Halloween a new farming world for Farmland! 

Pumpkin Mystery World is like a treasure hunt, where you will have to find the happy pumpkins hidden all around the open area! It also has a few open venues

Crops Open Area (no need to buy the land pieces)
A new (Base Game compatible) Campsite open venue!
A Tree House on the lot
Giant Mystic Forest
A Hidden Cave...
Made with World Edit in order to celebrate Halloween, it’s very easy to use: 

Install World Edit 2.1 and Farmland 3, 
Load the custom pumpkin save a file, 
Go to the park of oasis springs, and you will discover a new Farming world, where 10 HAPPY PUMPKINS have been hidden in the world! Find them all to earn sweet simoleons, and you might even find a golden pumpkin hidden somewhere in this giant open area, it is worth 50,000 §!
I have also decided to make Farmland 3 only available as an unmerged folder because the merged .package file was the source of some bugs since the last patch update!

And that's it for today friends, I hope you enjoy this Halloween content and this new world and treasure hunt!! 

I am still working on an easy tutorial video to help you install all this, but it will have to wait a bit more since I don't have enough time left to work on this until I leave for Mauritius, maybe I'll have some time on the plane to finish it, will let you know! I might also be unavailable to reach on any social media for a week, travelling, moving back to my apartment and finding my relatives back home will be my main occupation next week!

Sending you lots of love, and wishing you a happy spooky sunday!

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