Hey Simmers, we know you LOVE the mods created by our gifted PimpMySims4, so we decided to share her THE SIMS 4 CULT MOD with you.

The Sims 4 Cult mod was updated on the 17th of September 2021 but we would suggest checking the latest version on PimpMySims4's Patreon before downloading.


ABOUT THE CULT MOD FOR THE SIMS 4 (quoted by creator):


The Cult Mod allows you to start and run your own cult. There are two cults to choose from: 


Plumbology is built on the idea that sims are living in a simulation and must please "The Player" a.k.a. you, in order to be free. There are 3 member levels/ranks right now (named after crystals since plumbobs are diamonds).


Siminati is built on the idea that occult sims are higher beings/closer to the higher powers (you), and are willing to do anything, no matter how sinister, to please their gods. There are also 3 member levels/ranks right now.

How To Start A Cult

To start a cult, simply click on your active sim and select "Start Plumbology Cult" or "Start Siminati Cult" in the cult mod menu. Additionally you can select  "Set as Plumbology Leader" or "Set as Siminati Leader" in the Cheats menu (You can make a npc or additional sim a leader or any cult member rank this way).
Then they will receive the corresponding gameplay trait and will now have a cult menu pop up when you click on other sims.

You can now use interactions to try and recruit sims to your cult. If you are successful in getting a sim to join the cult you will get a happy moodlet/buff and so will the other sim. The other sim will also gain a recruit gameplay trait and you can either accept them into your cult right away or you can do it during an initiation ceremony.

Cult interactions can be found under the Cult Mod menu when you click on another sim.  Depending on their rank and relationship, sims can use the following interactions:

"Talk About Plumbology"

"Talk About Siminati"

"Recite Plumbology Creed"

"Recite Siminati Creed"

"Invite To Join Plumbology"

"Invite To Join Siminati"

"Explain Ranking System"

"Request More Information about Plumbology"

"Request More Information about Siminati"

"Ask to Sacrifice Self to the Higher Powers" (This will kill the sim)

"Ask For Offering

 ...and more!

Depending on your relationship with the other sim and/or their traits, these interactions could have different results. Some interactions will give your sim and/or the other sim positive or negative buffs/moodlets! Each trait has exclusive social interactions as well, some may only appear after talking to sims for a certain period of time.

Social Events

Plumbology Initiation Ceremony
This event is a goaled event with the main goal being to accept at least one of your recruits. Of course, you could do the event without goals and do whatever you like, but you'll miss out on the cash rewards. 

Plumbology Meeting
You can start a cult meeting once you have cult members (need city living for the goaled event to work) where goals include giving a speech at the podium (like a sermon) and asking sims for offerings etc.

Siminati Initiation Ceremony

Same as the plumbology ceremony with slightly different goals.

Siminati Meeting

This event is not goaled, this allows for you to host the meeting however you choose.

Lot Traits

Plumbology Headquarters
You can give a lot this trait and sims with a Plumbology member trait will spawn there.

Siminati Headquarters

You can give a lot this trait and sims with a Siminati member trait will spawn there.

Club Activities

Plumbology Activities 
If you have Get Together, you can find this in the club menu when making a club. This comes in handy if you want to make a small cult and set outfits and additional rules/activities for your cult. Or you can create a club for each rank of your cult if you have a bigger one.

Siminati Activities 

Same as above but for Siminati members.

Holiday Traditions

Plumbology Activities

This holiday tradition is completed by using cult interactions with other sims, so you can make your own cult holiday. 

Siminati Activities

Same as above but for Siminati members.


Divine Leader (Plumbology Only)
This aspiration focuses on growing your cult as big as possible. The goals include having cult meetings, gaining members, increasing your charisma etc.

Devoted Follower (Plumbology Only)
This aspiration focuses on being the best follower/rising in ranks within the cult. The goals include recruiting more members, gaining promotions, getting close to the cult leader etc.

Optional Files
I added a recolor of the university robes (as seen in the cover art above) in case anyone wants to use it. You can delete the file if you don't want it, however.

Installation Instructions (PLEASE READ)
1. Delete all previous versions of this mod. 
2. Download the mod from the link below.
3. Move ZIP folder to your mods folder 
4. Extract files from the Zip folder using a program such as Winrar or Winzip (if you have multiple folders within your mods folder, make sure the .script file is no more than 1 folder deep).
5. You can delete the ZIP folder now if you want.
6. Start your game and in your game settings make sure mods are enabled and that script mods are on. If they are not, check the boxes and then restart your game. 
7. Enjoy!

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