Hey Simmers, today we're gonna talk about the LATEST FREE UPDATE for The Sims 4 that was released on June 29th, 2021.

This update features a huge limited-time music festival in the game called Sims Sessions.

There's another cool thing that's been added, we'll give you a hint...
Do you remember the challenges in The Sims 4 back in the early days? Like the day of the dead challenge or the plantsim challenge?

Well, this limited-time festival is something like that but this time it’s not a challenge, but an actual
limited-time event.

The event, called Sims Sessions, is held from June 29th to July 7th, 2021 and it can be found when you log into your game in between the mentioned date, you’ll see a notification stating that a MUSIC FESTIVAL is coming to town.

You’ll also be gifted with a ticket that can be found in your Sim’s inventory and if you click on it, you can check out the festival’s info.
Apparently, the festival will be held every Sunday in the game, not in real life, at 12PM.

The location of the Sims Sessions Festival is at Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creeks and it features performances from real-life artists in their Sims form, which are Bebe Rexha, Glass Animals, and Joy Oladokun.

You can also take a look at the LESSONS MENU for this event through the ticket to learn more about it.

Once the festival starts, you can go to the event in three ways, from invitation through a phone call from someone, from the ticket itself, or from the neighborhood map.

The location of the festival will be clearly labeled in Willow Creek.
When you arrive, you will find the festival ground already arranged at the Riverbend near the park.
There are many things to do there, try the food at the food stall where you can order a variety of meals, visit the market table that sells random stuff from time to time, ranging from toys, gems, collectibles, etc., buy random stuff at the merch stall or purchase and wear various T-shirts themed around Sims Sessions and its performers, there are also several tents where your Sims can freshen up and take a rest.

Right in the middle is a stage for the performers with a piano right in the middle.
The performers will then appear very soon after you arrive, out of thin air from backstage, greet the audience, and begin their performance.

The first performance will be by Joy Oladokun!
She will perform a Simlish version of her song titled “Breathe Again”.

The second performance will be by the leader of the band Glass Animals, Dave Bayley! 
He will perform a solo Simlish version of the band’s song titled “Heat Waves”.

The third and final performance will be from Bebe Rexha!
She will perform an acoustic Simlish version of her song titled “Sabotage”.

During the performance, many of the audience will either be cheering on the performances or will be listening to the song thoroughly, there are many options that your Sims and the audience can do.

They can dance to the performance, get hyped for the performer, cheer on the performer, clap for the performer, or take a photo of the performance.

Each performance will play out for quite a while and after it finishes, the performer will face the audience, take a bow, leave, and then disappear into thin air.
The next performer will then take the stage and perform, the entire festival will last until midnight.

After attending the full festival, your Sim will gain an inspired moodlet for the whole 24 hours.
A cool thing is, once the last performer finishes, your sim can finally walk up the stage if they want to.
They can even play the piano if they want no matter how bad it is.

And finally, at around 2:30 AM, all of the festival buildings and objects will vanish out of existence.

The festival will then be held again next Sunday until July 7th if you’d like to attend it.

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