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Hello Simmers!

The MOD we want to share with you today (if you don’t already have it in your game) is one of those mods that adds a huge dose of more realistic gameplay and makes it more fun to play.

While we currently have some illnesses available in The Sims 4 like pregnancy sickness, llama flu, triple threat, itchy plumbob, burning belly, starry eyes, bloaty head, sweaty shivers, gas and giggles (The Sims 4 Get To Work), poisoning (The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure), food poisoning (The Sims 4 Dine Out), rabid rodent (The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff), homesickness (The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat) and some more illnesses that can be easily cured by taking the medicine or visiting the hospital.

However, some of them can lead to death if not cured.

That's why the HEALTHCARE REDUX MOD by adeepindigo & aroundthesims is a HUGE gamechanger when it comes to adding reality to your Sims's life.

HEALTHCARE REDUX MOD adds health insurance, prenatal care, preventative healthcare, chronic conditions, allergies, new illnesses and injuries, and above all some consequences.

Your Sims's lifestyle will greatly affect your Sims's health if you have the HEALTHCARE REDUX MOD installed, your Sims will suffer the consequences of unhealthy habits, too little activity will also affect your Sims's well-being, there are also a variety of medications and supplements available to help you keep your Sims as healthy as possible.



New Infectious Viral and Bacterial Diseases: Bacterial Sinusitis, Bronchitis (only as cold complication),  Cold, Ear Infection (Toddlers only), Gastroenteritis/Stomach Flu, Meningitis, Tonsillitis. *Note: Getting immunized for Meningitis while sick does not always remove the illness, but it should not happen again! Antibiotics will significantly increase the rate at which the illness goes away, but will not get rid of it completely.

New Chronic Conditions: Anemia, Anxiety, Asthma, Arthritis (Elders), Eczema, Insomnia,  Migraines, Seasonal Affective Disorder

New Allergies: Bees, Pet Dander, General/Seasonal

New Injuries: Random Childhood Injuries, Sports Injuries. I edited the sprained ankle for CL to act more like the ones from SE. Currently you don’t need to go to the doctor to treat these injuries, but there’s a chance they can be serious and either require a cast or surgery and those require a doctor’s appointment.

Surgery-Required Complications: Appendicitis (Random), Tonsillectomy (as a complication of severe Tonsillitis)

Pregnancy Related Healthcare: Prenatal Visits, Pregnancy-Related Complication/Conditions (Preeclampsia, Pregnancy Related Anemia, and Gestational Diabetes), and Prenatal Vitamins to help with fetal development (and unrealistically reduces the chance of complications). Your sim, if they have a pregnancy complication, have increased risk of labor induction and/or c-section. All new parent sims have the chance to experience the baby blues which in some cases can lead to postpartum depression.

New Deadly Diseases: Malaria and Tuberculosis.****Fair warning: these diseases can cause a new death - Death by Disease - if not treated or immunized against. Go see the doctor! Please note Malaria has no vaccine. Taking the Malaria pills or using the Elixir are your only options to fight the disease.***

Preventative Care: Toddler, Children, Teen, and Adult Vitamins to help supplement lifestyles and keep sickness at bay. Prenatal vitamins will help with fetal development (the mother will get positive moodlets) and again unrealistically reduce the chance of complications. Sims can schedule well-visits to make sure everything’s on track.

Treatments: Each injury, disease, or condition has new treatments available to either treat, prevent, or cure these ailments. You can, depending on the severity of the illness/condition/injury, receive these treatments either over the counter or via prescriptions given by the doctor from the online pharmacy.

Medications and Supplements include:

Cough Syrup for Coughs and Sore Throat, Pain Relievers for Children and Toddlers as well as Teens and up, Aspirin (mostly for Arthritis), Allergy Medication (Animal Dander and General), Eczema Cream (Eczema), Anxiolytics (Anxiety and SAD), Epi-Pen (Bee Allergy), Iron Supplements (for Anemia), Vitamins (Preventative Care), Antibiotics (Bacterial Diseases), Antihypertensive Prescription (for Preeclampsia), and Prescription Cough Medication (for Bronchitis and Tuberculosis), and an Inhaler/Ventolin (for Asthma). Vaccinations are also available via well-visits or by going separately.

How It Works

All Diseases except Stomach Flu and Appendicitis last for three days. Appendicitis and Stomach Flu lasts for 24 hours. All chronic conditions are always chronic unless cheated away (i.e. the trait is removed).

How Diseases Works

Viral Illness

For viral illnesses the most that can be done is home remedies, some over the counter medications to help sims be more comfortable (faster decay of sickness buffs, less likelihood of symptoms).

Bacterial Illness

Bacterial illnesses will need to be treated with antibiotics. A prescription is needed for antibiotics which means the sim will need to go the doctor to obtain one. Once one is obtained they can fill their prescription at the online pharmacy.

Deadly Diseases

Malaria and Tuberculosis are both deadly diseases, but they are both treatable and Tuberculosis can be prevented by immunization! You must see the doctor in order to prevent your sims from dying from these diseases. There is no chance they will go away on their own and will only get progressively worse (but maybe you like that!). You can use the antibiotics prescribed to treat Tuberculosis or you can get immunized beforehand to prevent it. Malaria can only be treated by using the bottle of Elixir or Antimalarial pills. If your treatment fails, there is a chance your sim could die of their disease.

Healthcare Services Menu

A menu on the Sim’s phone is available for all sims child and up called Healthcare Services. This is the hub for all available healthcare services. Your sims can make an appointment, attend an appointment at any time after making one, go to therapy, go to the hospital, get vaccinated, or go to the acupuncturist.  Toddlers can only attend appointments by clicking on the toddler themselves! Once sims have booked a doctor’s appointment, they also have the option to schedule a time on the calendar to attend the appointment in the future. When it’s time for the appointment event to start, send the sim to the doctor appointment as usual.

Online Pharmacy

Sims can buy over the counter pharmaceuticals on the computer under the Purchase Pharmaceuticals option on the Healthcare Services menu. Your sim can also fill any prescriptions by using the online pharmacy under the Healthcare Services menu. A prescription from the doctor is required in order for this option to appear!



Types of Appointments

Primary Care:

Preventative Care

Well visits are an important part of a Sim’s health. They are currently needed every 14 days. They can provide the opportunity to be immunized! They can also help uncover valuable information.

****All sims will need to have an initial well visit to have the full utilization of the mod! ****

Diagnosis Visits

Sims who are not feeling well can make an appointment with the doctor to get checked out.  However, at this time, sims with the stomach flu and bronchitis do not need to be seen because they are visible. You can, however, book an appointment for a cold if you’re not sure that’s what you really have…

If your sim develops a chronic condition or an allergy, your sim will need to be seen by the doctor in order to be diagnosed. Some allergies and chronic conditions require medication for proper care.

*Note: You may need to have more than one diagnosis visit though this should be a rarity. For instance, your sim could develop an illness and a new, undiagnosed allergy at the same time. This will require one visit to the GP to get checked out for the illness and another to the allergist.*


Therapist (for anyone, but made for those Sims with Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder)

The therapist is available for one on one sessions with your sims. They can diagnose your sim with Anxiety, SAD, or Postpartum Depression if applicable. This option is only available if your sim is sad, stressed, angry, concerned, or pessimistic. (Note, this is not in-depth and not meant to be a replacement for the specific mental health mods out there)

Acupuncturist (for anyone, but made for those with injuries, sleep disorder, and migraines)

Going to the acupuncturist can be enlightening, relieving, and relaxing for your sims! This option is only available if your sims are in pain, uncomfortable, or stressed.

OB/GYN (for pregnancy)

Pregnancy well visits are done by the OB/GYN. The doctor will give your sim updates on the development of their baby. They can also diagnose and prescribe treatment for any pregnancy complications.

Hospital Visits:

If your sim has the misfortune of needing a Tonsillectomy, Appendectomy, Anemic-induced Blood Transfusion, Labor Induction, or Surgery due to a major Injury, the option to go to the hospital will be available for these procedures.

Health Insurance:


Every Sim employed is automatically opted into insurance. This gives them discounted rates on all healthcare services. If your sim loses their job or quits, they have 36 sim hours to get a new one before their healthcare runs out. The healthcare of the new job will take precedence. Medicare is available for all Elders who are not employed. Medicaid is available for children and toddlers who are not under the insurance of an adult. Anyone who does not have a job will be Uninsured which will result in much higher healthcare services costs.



This mod was made intentionally as an alternative solution for my own gameplay to using SOL (waiting for it to be modular) and Private Practice (I’m too lazy and I want my lots for my own things). This is to say that this mod was never initially meant to integrate with these systems.

That said, only one file conflicts with Private Practice and is marked OVERRIDES.

Neither SOL nor Private Practice will be able to treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses or conditions included in this mod. However, this mod will be able to cure illnesses and conditions from GTW as well as NatetheLoser’s Misery Traits. This is also compatible with Woohoo Wellness and LMS Ultrasound mod in that your pregnancy is recognized by this mod. The package entitled OVERRIDES will conflict with Private Practice as both mods overwrite game resources. Do NOT put it in if you intend to use both. DO put it in if you only intend to use this mod.


Get to Work and Seasons

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (Pretty Much Needed):

Snowy Escape (injuries, icons, buffs, and medications)

Discover University (injuries, icons, buffs, and cas)

PACKS USED BUT NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY(will be missing some animations and icons):

Eco Living (for allergies)

Spooky Stuff (for animation)

City Living (icons and buffs)

Bust the Dust (for allergies)

Cats and Dogs (allergies)

NOTE: There is a 40% chance Adults and Elder will be vaccinated already (based on the idea they were vaccinated as children) and a 20% chance Toddlers-Young Adults were already vaccinated. I want Sims to have diseases, even ones that are contagious, but spreading their diseases isn’t that important to me. If it’s important to you, other mods have much higher levels of contagion and non-playable sims will get sick much more often than will happen in this mod. Also, NPC like the mailman should be immune to all diseases. I didn’t need the mailman catching or spreading tuberculosis…


Regular - The mod with all features including deadly malaria and tuberculosis

Regular No Death - The mod with all features but with non-deadly malaria and tuberculosis

Long - The mod with all features including deadly malaria and tuberculosis but 2-3x longer times triggers of illness, allergies, and conditions. All diseases still last the same length.

Long No Death - The long version but with non-deadly malaria and tuberculosis

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