This month we celebrate PRIDE MONTH in support of all LGBTQ+ communities because we believe that love itself is unconditional and that there are no limits.

That’s why we decided to share with you the Pride and LGBTQ+ Flags Loading Screens collections created by our dear CC creator, Luna Loba Sims.


This COLLECTION has 30 Pride Flag loading screens and it's available on the Luna Loba Sims page.

Flags that are included:

  1. Abrosexual
  2. Agender
  3. Aromantic
  4. Asexual
  5. Bear Brotherhood
  6. Bigender
  7. Bisexual
  8. Demiboy
  9. Demigirl
  10. Demisexual
  11. Genderfluid
  12. Genderqueer
  13. Heteroflexible
  14. Homoflexible
  15. Intersex
  16. Lesbian
  17. Men Loving Men
  18. Nonbinary
  19. Omnisexual
  20. Pansexual
  21. Polyamory
  22. Polysexual
  23. Quagender
  24. Queer
  25. Questioning
  26. Transfem
  27. Transgender
  28. Transmasc
  29. Trigender
  30. Unlabeled

We suggest you take a look at the main PRIDE FLAG LOADING SCREENS that Luna created last year.

If you cannot find a flag you're looking for or you'd like to make a suggestion, please contact the creator Luna Loba Sims.

Important: You can only use 1 custom Loading Screen in your game at a time.