A year ago we shared with you some The Sims 4 FAN MADE STUFF PACKS that we liked.

We decided to do the same this year and we bring you 5 more interesting FAN MADE packs for The Sims 4 that we believe you will absolutely love.

1.  The Sims 4 Greasy Goods - CC Stuff Pack by littledica

The stuff pack is inspired by McDonald's fast-food chain restaurant and includes 69 fully custom build/buy items as well as one EA Toilet that was cloned and tuned to have no privacy for the Toilet Stalls set!

The decorative professional kitchen items serve no purpose, but they are all animated in some way and have a looped Fast Food sound for added realism!

The sound can be removed by deleting littledica.GreasyGoods.BackgroundSound.package

The build in pictures can be downloaded on Littledica's Gallery page.


What do the attachments mean?

The Sims 4 Greasy Goods - Littledica.zip: All the objects of the pack are in a separated package file. There is a separate folder for the Dine Out items that can be deleted if you don't own the game pack.

littledica.GreasyGoods.MERGED.RequiresDINEOUT.package: Everything is in one package, includes all Dine Out items and the Sound Effect package file.

Littledica SP06 Logo and Icons.zip: Contains all the Icons, the Logo of the pack and the Catalog items thumbnails. This is fully optional and not needed for the pack to work.

As always, you can fetch the pack in game by simply typing "Greasy goods" in the fame search box!

22 / 02 / 21: Added the lot tray files


2. Stellar Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 by THE PLUMBOB TEA SOCIETY [in collaboration with applezingsims, coreopsims, deetron-sims, femmeonamissionsims, javabeandreams, nolan-sims, pickypikachu, quiddity-jones, sjane4prezcc & teanmoon]

This pack is perfect for all space lovers, it reminds us of the movie Avatar ... in any case, we are sure that you will adore it if you love everything related to space.

It contains a total of 127 items (CAS and Build-Buy)

3. Tardis Adventures for The Sims 4 by PIXARA

A functional TARDIS to go on an adventure and travel through time and space.


Yes, it is an actual TARDIS. Travel on lots and through time and space. Be nice to your TARDIS, refuel it from time to time and maintain a solid relationship. Raise your TARDIS Engineering Skill to unlock more possibilities with your ship. Construct more rooms, costumize lights and even the Chameleon Circuit (Level 10).




This pack INCLUDES A TOTAL OF 35 ITEMS and is very lovely, we wanted to share it with you to celebrate Pride Month and raise awareness to the LGBTQ+ community.


The Crypt O’ Club presents: Punk Pride!

Get your pride on with our first ever collab from The Crypt O’ Club discord! You’ll find all sorts of objects, accessories, clothes, makeup and more from our talented creators to celebrate the month of pride with some alternative style! Most of the items include up to 20 different flag designs for your sims. From rainbow studded jackets to basic graphic tees, even the blandest of the bunch can find something to enjoy.

Happy Pride! 

After many delays, it’s finally here! Our humble cc creators bring you 35 items and a lot to add to your game in order to celebrate pride with alternative flair. We can’t express enough how proud we are of all these items and we hope you enjoy them, too! 

Under the cut will be all of the download links, as well as, all the credits to the creators, testers and more involved in this project!

Before we get to the download section, I wanted to take the time and bring awareness to a few of the many LGBT+ and/or Black organizations, resources and fundraisers that could use your attention.

Fundraisers and Organizations:

Black Simmers For Change

20 Tiny Homes for Trans Women

Homeless Black Women Fund

The Marsha P. Institute

The National Black Justice Coalition

The International LGBTI Association 

LGBTQ+ in Poland

The Trevor Project

The Q Card Project

List of Black LGBT+ Organizations

Another List of Black LGBT+ Organizations

The LGBT+ community, the black community and all the alternative communities are inter-connected and it’s just as important as it’s always been to stick together through adversity. Thank you.

5. SPRING FEVER STUFF PACK BY simcelebrity00

This CC pack is really cute and we thought some of you could use some more MaxisMatch CAS items in your game, right??

There're never enough cute clothes!