The Sims Team has previously informed us of a major skin tones update but now we got the exact time when the update will launch and more info about it.

Guru's on Twitter and confirmed that the skin tones update is coming in December!

On December 8, The Sims Team will be adding over 100 new skin tones to The Sims 4 and every skin tone will have a value slider to unlock thousands of more customizable options.

There's another awesome feature that will be included in the update and that's 4 MAKEUP SLIDERS that will allow you to adjust makeup colors to complement all skin tones.

You’ll be able to adjust transparency with the opacity slider, control how much color is in your makeup with the saturation slider, use the hue slider to control your color, and the value slider that lets you adjust the brightness.
Another fix will be the three more base game hairstyles update. 
These include two children’s hairstyles the braided ponytail with baby hairs, the braided ponytail without baby hairs, and the flat-top texture hairstyle.