There are many things that Toddlers in The Sims 4 cannot do like an order from the Toddler food menu (Chicken Nuggets and PB&Js) while visiting restaurants, learn certain skills, and play with certain things but these mods will bring a whole new life to your toddlers.

The Custom Food Mod allows Toddlers to order toddler food in restaurants. 
The food will appear in the appetizer section of menus. 

These Shell Toys are so cute for Toddlers who live in Sulani. Now when they play around in the sand they can find their new favorite toy.
(still must be a toy from toy box though, but it's such a cute little detail.) 

Social Interactions for Toddlers, add more things for your toddler to learn and talk about. They unlock more Interactions as they grow their communication skills and can have deeper relationships with others. 

Toddlers can order from Market Stalls, it's really a piece of work to have your olders order food for your toddler while out in the world. Most times your sims autonomously eat what they order from food stalls with this mod Toddlers can order food for themselves.

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