The talented modder Arnie has brought the Open World experience to The Sims 4 with his Brook Heights - Open World Mod Mod

With this mod, you get to explore Brook Heights and even discover the mysteries of the New World, if you decide to play through the story mode. 

There is an Airport, Car Shop (with functional cars), a hotel, and graveyards you can explore. All venues in this world can be renamed, but not purchased. You can't live in this world, but you can rent an apartment and hope to get a work visa to stay. 

This world is also only accessible by catching a Sul Sul Airlines flight and they only come so often.So don't miss your flight. 

You can cheat it but that wouldn't be as fun.

Why is this a BIG DEAL? 

The mod not only opens the world but also adds new interactions, brand new venues, and functions like those mentioned above...and have we not been asking for driveable cars for the last six years? We were told that a lot of things this mod brings wouldn't work or weren't possible due to many different technical issues it could cause; but now it's her and many, many simmers are excited. 

It is still in beta testing but you can head over to Arnies Patreon for beta testing if you'd like to test it out before everyone else grabs it. 

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