It's been almost 5 days since The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack was released and we decided it's time to share our impressions about this pack with you.

We remind you, Nifty Knitting was the first COMMUNITY VOTED PACK and voting started in November 2019.

The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting is fully focused on knitting and if you buy and install this STUFF PACK your Sims will be able to knit to their heart's content!

This pack will give a small boost to your gameplay, especially if you're a storyteller or you've been wanting better gameplay for elder Sims.

There are not many BUILD/BUY and CAS items added with this pack but there's a bunch of unlockable content for both. 

The BUILD/BUY objects that are automatically available are two desks, two surface tables, one door, two types of rocking chairs, a few wall decorations, and many UNLOCKABLE items.

CAS is pretty much the same and you'll get to UNLOCK a lot of clothing there too.
For example, a pair of really cute warm boots, sweaters, and jeans.
The hairstyles added with this STUFF PACK are one of the best hairstyles we ever got with The Sims 4.
Also, the baby hair was included (finally!!!).

To acquire and level up the Knitting Skill you're gonna need to buy a YARN BASKET and start knitting.
You can also learn the Knitting Skill by other Sims that have mastered it before your Sim.

That's another really cool feature that comes with this pack, when your Sim's Knitting SKILL Level is high enough they can teach others how to knit. 

The rocking chairs give a small Happiness boost when used and if your Sim is an Elder, they will be able to 'Reminisce' while sitting in the rocking chair.

Although rocking chairs are not something new in The Sims, these rocking chairs are special since Sims of all ages can use them (Toddler-Elder).

Another exquisite thing was added with The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack and that's definitely the METAL STATION on the stereo.

If your Sims listen to Metal music while knitting, they will gain a boost to their knitting skill level and learn it faster.

It's important to mention Plopsy, a Sims version of the crafter selling platform Etsy.
Once your Sims knit Clothing or Objects they will be able to list that item on Plopsy and get a nice amount of money for their crafted items.
The listing stays on Plopsy for about 4-5 Sims days.
Listing the item on Plopsy will cost you 10$ Simoleons and if you want to relist your item (in case it wasn't sold) you're gonna need to pay another 10$ Simoleons.


When your Sims start knitting they will be able to knit some basic items, but with grinding the Skill Level and learning more knitting tricks your Sims will expand the list of knittable items.

When your Sims finishes knitting the item you choose (Object or Clothing) it will be added to the inventory. 

If you hit the "Add To Wardrobe" option, the item will appear unlocked and the next time you go in CAS you will be able to wear it.

A quicker way to obtain all the Locked Items is to buy them on Plopsy.


Yes! We think it's definitely worth it, of course, there's space for improvement but for now, we like it!

What's your opinion about this Pack? Let us know in the comments!