|SIMLISH NEWS| Interview W Ninja / VG247 | The Future Of Spark'd, New Game Pack Leak, The Sims 5 And More

Yesterday, August 12, 2020, SimGuruNinja (Dave Miotke) did an Interview with VG247 (Alice) where they covered many things involving the future of The Sims 4.

In this nearly 30 minute interview, they covered things like Spark'd, future content, The Sims 5, and disabilities. They did not address the issue of the lack of skin tones in the game.  

They started off talking about The Sims: Spark'd. Ninja said they created the show because they thought it was exciting to have a reality show about a videogame; as it hadn't been done before. They talked about the "Drama" surrounding the release of the show but said that just comes with the territory. 

Pertaining to future content Ninja said many times that he could not speak what is coming, but is really excited about what they are working on. 

When it comes to disabilities being brought to the sims; Ninja said 

"Inclusivity is incredibly important to us, we hear the feedback all the time. As to where are areas are to improve and we're committing to doing those things...we want everyone in the entire world to be able to represent themselves" 

He then spoke about technical problems and how hard it is to make and include these things. 

He stated he didn't see any speculation about the new pack...which is kind of hard to believe because it's been all over the community since it surfaced, but okay Ninja. 

All in all, This interview didn't really shed any light on what's to come to the game in the future. It did speak about things being in the works and how we should be excited. 

Trust me, We ARE! 

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