University in the Sims is nothing new. So get your skills up and let's enroll! 

Enrolling in Uni

You can enroll in University using either the Computer or a Mailbox. Acceptance letters will arrive in two sim days. 

Picking A University

Which school should you pick and why? Well, that's all up to you. The new world Britchester comes with TWO universities; Britchester and Foxbury. Britchester is a school for the Arts with Distinguished Degrees in Art and Communications. Foxbury is a more modern school of technology with Distinguished degrees in Computer Science and Physics. 

Student Loans

You can apply for student loans using the same methods as applying to college. There are many different loans to qualify for depending on your sims skills, household income, or where they live. You can apply for multiple scholarships at once so apply to as many as you please...you can even get a full ride depending on which scholarships you receive. 

Distinguished Degrees

Distinguished Degrees are subjects that the university you pick master in. Regular degrees give you boosts to careers as well, but distinguished degrees give a higher boost.


Classes and Coursework

Once accepted into University you will be able to pick 1-4 classes per semester (please for your sanity don't pick four classes).

With each class, there is a required assignment which can be either a presentation, term paper, or the dreaded Final Exam. 

Homework should be done before every class and the "Take Notes" option is optimal for higher grades. 
*You can change schools after a semester ends but may lose credits if you decide to switch degrees (Not including going from a Distinguished to regular in the same degree) 

Campus Life

Dorms (Doom?) 

Living in dorms can be fun, but you best keep an eye on your filthy roommates because unless you have a neat roommate...you may be doing all the cleaning. 


There are many clubs you can join like Robotics, Debate Club and Soccer. Each organization is special to a University like Robotics is Foxbury and Debate is Britchester. 

Joining a club can help you sims meet friends as well as aid in leveling up skills. The Debate Club is great because it uses the NEW Research and Debate skill which will lower the time it takes for assignments and homework.

Soooooo tips?

  • Before going to University makeover your dorm. You can do this by using the cheat "bb.enablefreebuild". The dorms do not have microwaves, Coffee, or anything really besides your bed and desk. 
  • Make sure if you're going to a Distinguished degree to get your sims to at least level 5.
  • Make dorms and commons Study Spots. The Study Spot lot traits boost homework completion as well as quality. Bring four hours of homework to maybe two.
  • Try to make your sim focused before classes as of course, it helps you in the long run. 
  • If you go to Britchester...GET. A. BIKE. 

All in All University in The Sims 4 is pretty fun. 
And it does really feel like 4 years. Though there is room for improvement, there is always something going on at school. Whether it's a party, a club meeting, or a study group. You can always find something to do.


Gift your statue excellent quality baked goods...we won't tell you why.

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