This Mod transforms Strangerville into a modern-day Egypt inspired world that just recently started modernizing their town and building new skyscrapers.

The creator Nando worked on this project for more than 3 months and says this is one of his biggest projects.

You can download the new world (Dakarai) as a destination world or as a regular world.

The mod doesn't come with the NEW LOTS so you're gonna need to manually replace all the Strangerville lots to get the full experience.

Also, the name of the world will still be "Strangerville" but you can very simply update the world's name to Dakarai.

Here is the description of the MOD:

The Sims 4 Trip To Egypt 

Created for: The Sims 4 by Nando

Welcome to Dakarai!

This mod transforms the world of StrangerVille into a modern-day Egyptian inspired world. 

Travel to a thriving city that recently started out modernizing their town with new skyscrapers. 

Will you be living near the Dakarai Plaza or do you prefer a more secluded life on the Dakarai Hills? 

The whole mod pack comes with a full set of Maxis Match custom content that you can easily find by searching for “Trip To Egypt” in the search bar.

There’s also some new floors and new wallpaper!

Requires the following Packs:
Strangerville, Island Living, Get Famous and Eco Lifestyle

Recommended Packs: Jungle Adventure

Download: Patreon Early Access 

We recommend you guys to stay tuned because this amazing creator is working on more interesting projects that you'll definitely like if you liked this mod.

Another cool thing is the MOD is going PUBLIC FOR FREE on July 12th!