We tuned into the Livestream yesterday and pulled some things that were 

The Knitting Skill of course will be included but we got a look at some of the things that can be made as well as a new Reward Trait "Sacred Knitting Knowledge" for maxing out Knitting.

You can knit many different onesies, sweaters (both forbidden and not forbidden), and socks!

Colorful hair for children and multiple new styles for all ages.

We also have gained the ability to name Cowplants so make sure to take care of Judy #JusticeforCowplants!

Many new clutter items have been added as well including these tables that absolutely blew us away.

Yarni from Unravel will be making an appearance in this pack as well as a cute little statue.

Let's all take a minute and appreciate the METAL RADIO STATION!

There were many things revealed in this stream and we are very excited to see what Nifty Knitting has waiting for us.

Are you excited? Let us know below! 

*This is by no means everything that was revealed but you can always catch up here

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