In this article, we will be showcasing five mods that add more interactions and depth to your The Sims 4 game. 

The first mod we will discuss is the Contextual Social Interactions-Lumpinou this mod adds many different interactions. Like giving pregnant sims the ability to discuss baby names and giving them the ability to react to their woohoo techniques being criticized.

Improved Relationships - Zero Sims is a mod that applies the Parenthood proximity buff to all relationships. This means that sims with certain relationships will get certain buffs when around each other. For example, Awkward encounters will result in awkward relationships. 

Slice Of Life - KawaiiStacie, we've mentioned this mod before over on our Youtube channel, but this mod adds soooo much life to your sims. It has a drunk, period, and sickness system. As Well as a menu that includes Social media, health, and an inbox which lets you send different messages to sims you know. The best part? It all depends on your Sim's mood! 

Passionate Romance - Sacrificial, is a mod that intensifies romantic interactions as well as add its own menu for custom interactions. 
When this mod is used successfully your sim will gain a "Passionate" buff. 

The Autonomous Proposals - PolarBearSims is a mod that allows your sims to unexpectedly be asked to enter or further relationships with other sims. This mod adds the surprise of getting engaged without always having to pop the question yourself.

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