Here is a list of functional objects that will change your gaming experience! 

1. Functional Toaster, this item adds toast to your game. New recipes and a quick meal to pack into lunches for your sims. 

2. Medicine Cabinet, the medicine cabinet is a mod you don't think you need until you have it in your game. An easier way to combat cold quicker than having to hop on a pc and order them. You click the cabinet and take the medicine immediately.

3. H&B AquaVortex - Dishwasher, this is a sleek and modern dishwasher that just looks so good. Your dishes will beg you to wash them in this washer only.

4. Functional Aqua Pura Water Cooler, we know we aren't the only one who gets little anxious watching sims get water from every sink on a lot (yes even the bathroom) this item gives you a water cooler which looks cool and is much better than bathroom sink water.

5. Functional Schools, going to school with your sims is a great way to aid your young sim in making friends, finishing projects, and even just staying on top of grades. This replaces the rabbit hole and allows you to travel to school with your sims.
The mod also includes two venue types: Elementary School and High School.

*You'll have to build a school lot (or download it from The Gallery) and add the school trait* 

6. Functional Nintendo Switch, handheld, and portable games are no longer a thing of dreams with this functional Switch! You and your little ones will be able to bring your switch anywhere and we mean anywhere and play games as long as you wish.

7. Fruit Bowls, adds six fruit bowls that allow you to buy and store fruit.

Included bowls:

Bowl of Fruit (Base game)
Fine Bowl of Fruit (Base game)
Golden Bowl of Fruit (City Living)
Tropical Fruit Bowl (Island Living)
Bountiful Platter (Parenthood)
Taste of Tart (Backyard)

8. Broken Fire Hydrants, add more fun to summer with Broken Fire Hydrants! Grab your swimsuit and some friends and get splashing! 

9. Juice Blender is a functional juice blender that your Sims can use to make juice from apples, pears, carrots, tomatoes, blackberries, grapes, or oranges.

10. Cotton Candy Machine, a cotton candy machine that may give you much more than Candy. Only 5 Simeloeons a pop. 

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