Today we discover Fan-Made Stuff Packs for The Sims 4 which we can say are definitely in the quality range with Maxis.

All CCs are tested and we can confirm that they are 100% playable.

We hope you like the TOP 5 Fan-Made Packs we have selected, new collections are coming soon so keep following us.

Let's start!

There are so many reasons why we love going to the IKEA department store. Whether it's buying a complete kitchen, a few little things for the living room, or just an inspiring walk through its imaginative rooms and a fine lunch, IKEA is the number one destination for buying furniture or Saturday leisure.
Now your Sims can enjoy buying IKEA furniture too, thanks to simsi45.

We highly recommend this Mod to all the players that are looking for high quality, Maxis Match furniture, and decorations.

When we think about the office in general, we imagine a classic office space where people do their work, but that is not the case with this office...

The Varra Office Set has probably the most interesting interior that anyone could imagine or design.

It is definitely a perfect picture of our present, conveyed in a modern way.

Minimalism is a truly unique style. The bedrooms, decorated in a similar way, have a pleasant and light atmosphere, which is so important in the modern rhythm of life. 

Anyone can create a beautiful and harmonious interior with the Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack.

This pack was definitely inspired by Harry Potter.

Harry Potter fans are one of the most numerous and passionate fans of a book or movie. 
The Potter fandom is all around us and it seems that the love for Potter is not waning but growing day by day, and this book has become a classic, and today children (and adults) fall in love with the magical world created by J.K. Rowling.

This Pack adds a piece of that magical world to your game.

Contemporary style signifies all that is currently popular and that is most commonly applied today in interior design.

Download this Pack if you want your Sims to enjoy a modernly decorated living room that provides maximum levels of comfort.


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