The Realm of Magic pack was a highly anticipated pack for The Sims 4. Occults has always been a thing in the franchise so everyone was pretty excited.

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to become the most powerful Spellcaster in the land. 

The first thing you'll want to do is find the Magic Portal located in Glimmerbrook. The best way to find it is to follow the river.

Once you've located the Portal. You will get the option of going through or turning back. 

If you enter the Portal you will be taken to The Magic Realm, a beautiful world, filled with all your spellcasting and alchemy needs. There are 4 locations you can visit while in the Magic Realm. 
The School is literally right there when you exit the portal, The Shop, Battlegrounds, and the Garden. 

Becoming A Spellcaster

Before you go anywhere though you'll need to find a Sage. Sages' are the only ones powerful enough to bestow powers unto others. There are Three Sages for each form of Magic you can study Mischief, Untamed, and Practical. 

Once you've found your Sage of choice ( doesn't really matter who as it doesn't affect the spells you can learn) you'll want to click 
"Ask How To Use Magic" 

They will then tell you to collect 7 motes. These are usually located all around the school and should be easy to find. 

*Motes can be absorbed and will heighten your abilities once the  "Mote Sight" power is unlocked. * 

Once you've collected all 7 motes. You can return them to ANY Sage to receive your powers. 

Once you have gained magical powers, it's time to get to work...or get to magic whatever. 


To access more powers. You will need to gain talent points. Talent points can be gained multiple ways from Experimenting with Cauldrons, Reading Tomes, Practicing alone, or battling your friends. 

There are multiple cauldrons you can experiment with ( or make Mac & Cheese for the gang) located in the school in Glimmerbrook but you can also purchase a cauldron for your home from the build and buy menu. 

Practicing Magic as well as testing the spells you've learned will be the fastest way to build up your powers.

*All unlocked spells and potions can be viewed anytime from your spellbook.* 

But with power comes responsibility so always keep an eye on your charge. You wouldn't want to overload.



Casting spells on your enemies (or friends) will prove to be both fun and hilarious. Inferniate annoyances or Furio your way into Mortimer's heart.



Alchemy or creating potions may be time-consuming but proves very important in gaining talent points. With potions that can instantly fill you or a friend's needs or poison an enemy. But you will need to do a little bit of farming and frog collecting for potion-making. 

Magical Duels

Contrary to beliefs all duels will not decrease friendship. You can battle others for Knowledge, Potion Ingredients, and Relics. You can also have friendly duels just for practice or challenge someone to a heated duel. 

Once you gain enough experience based on who you duel with like a Sage or regular spellcaster; you can get paid for your victories but make sure to choose your competitors wisely. 


Familiars give you a boost when practicing magic as well as battling and can bring you back to life if you were to die while they are active. There are many to choose from. They can be discovered by searching for Tomes in Glimmerbrook or purchased from the spellcasters market.

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