We all have been stuck in the house Simming...and we bet, we all dream to be somewhere else...Where do YOU want to be? πŸ‘€

We want to see where you would be right now if there was no quarantine. πŸ‘™πŸŒ΄

Is it a beach bar or on the top of the mountain? The choice is yours!
Get your imagination working and build your tiny piece of Heaven.🌞⛱

We here at Simlish can’t wait to visit all your beautiful creations.

You’re probably wondering how to join? Read the rules below this text and start building!

πŸ’› RULES πŸ’›

πŸ’‘100% Playable

πŸ’‘Any type of Lot

πŸ’‘Any size

πŸ’‘Any world

πŸ’‘All the packs included


πŸ’‘You can use build/buy cheats

πŸ’‘Upload on the Gallery with the hashtag #SimlishSummer2020

⛔You must post at least ONE PIC of your work on the EVENT PAGE πŸ‘‰ HERE

The winner will be the most liked pic on the EVENT! πŸ‘

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and Happy Simming πŸ’š