Dear Simmers, we know how much you love Mods and that’s why we decided to dig to find the best ones.
We bring you 5 NEW Mods that will improve and enhance your gameplay.

Cupcake Machine to Oven Mod

How many of you never used a Cupcake Machine in your game, hm?

Content creator Reyn decided to help all of us and created a Mod that gives your Sim the opportunity to bake cupcakes in the oven!

If you want your baking to get on another level, 

Zodiac Traits for Sims

Tired of waiting for Zodiac Signs in The Sims 4? No need to wait anymore, thanks to Radiophobe that created a Mod that adds Zodiac Signs as a trait.

This Mod also comes with buffs and boosts when two Zodiac Signs are compatible.


- Aquarius with Leo and Sagittarius
- Aries with Leo and Libra
- Cancer with Capricorn and Taurus
- Capricorn with Cancer and Taurus
- Gemini with Aquarius and Sagittarius
- Leo with Aquarius and Gemini
- Libra with Aries and Sagittarius
- Pisces with Taurus and Virgo
- Sagittarius with Aries and Gemini
- Scorpio with Cancer and Taurus
- Virgo with Cancer and Pisces

Click on the DOWNLOAD LINK to find out more and download.

Grannies Cookbook

This Mod was created by Littlbowbub for all the foodies in The Sims gaming community, it comes with a cookbook item that can be placed on the lot and it gives you the opportunity to cook new meals and prepare new drinks.

List of Meals and Drinks that come with the Mod Grannies Cookbook:


- Chicken and Dumpling
- Meatloaf
- Pot Roast
- Wonton Soup
- Collard Greens and Cornbread
- Sushi Platter
- Corned Beef Hash
- Traditional Pie n Mash with Parsley Liquor


- Christmas Desserts - mince pies, trifle, yule log
- Mud Pie
- Angel Strawberry Cake
- Winterfest Puddings
- Pineapple Upside Down Cake
- Key Lime Pie
- Chocolate Nests
- Mini Egg Cake
- Bunny Cake
- Lemon Blueberry Cake


- Soups 1 - Tomato, Chicken, Carrot, and Coriander
- Eggnog
- Milkshakes - Strawberry, banana, chocolate
- Bubble Tea - strawberry, chocolate, taro, honeydew, pink grapefruit
- Iced Drinks - caramel coffee, chocolate mocha

Click the DOWNLOAD LINK to find out more about this Mod.

Grade School from Home

If you ever wanted to home school your children in The Sims 4, now is your chance to do it.
The Grade School from Home Mod was created by NoelleBellefleur and it gives you the opportunity to home school your children.

Note that you need to have The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack to make this Mod work.

If you don't own City Living, get it HERE.

Click the DOWNLOAD LINK and find out more about all the features that come with this Mod.

Chat Pack - More Social Interactions for Your Sims

This is one of the Mods you definitely need to bring your Sim's social life to another level.
It comes with a big list of new interactions in the Social Menu so your Simmies can finally have deeper socialization with other Simmies.

Many thanks to NateTheL0ser  for creating this Mod!

See the entire list of interactions and DOWNLOAD HERE.