|GUIDES| Everything you NEED TO KNOW about Vampires in The Sims 4

Vampires, Stalkers of The Night, the first occult of The Sims 4. The abilities and skills you are able to obtain when playing with a Vampire makes this occult worth exploring if you're into the Supernatural. This article will give you a brief understanding of Vampires, how to care for them, as well as preview some powers you are able to obtain. We here at Simlish Social, hope that this helps you understand Vampires a little more. 

How To Become A Vampire 

There are two ways you can become a vampire either from birth or being turned.

A vampire baby can be produced by two vampires who are able to create other vampires. As well as by two non-vampires on a lot that has the On-Dark-Ley-Line trait. 
 To get turned into a vampire requires some sort of friendship with a known vampire; who possesses the power to turn others. With a high enough vampire skill, you can unlock that power yourself.

Being Turned Into A Vampire 

To be turned into a Vampire must have a relationship with a vampire. 

You can "Ask To Be Turned" 

Or Alternatively, "Turn Into Vampire", if you're the vampire and are looking to turn others...

If the sim has been turned you will notice a "Strangely Hungry" buff appear.

It takes about three sim days to fully transform, but during that time you will notice your Sim is uncomfortable; holding your stomach their stomach as if in pain. As well as various buffs...

During the transformation period, your sims hunger and energy will go down faster. 

Vampire Needs 

Vampire Sims only have five needs Thirst, Social, Hygiene, Fun and last but definitely not least Vampire Energy.

Thirst can be filled by drinking from Sims, eating plasma fruit, or drinking plasma packs. Empty Thirst will not kill unless you have no Vampire Energy as well. 

Drinking From Sims

There are many options when drinking from a sim. 
You can ask permission to drink from a sim who is your friend. 
If they agree, they'll offer you their wrist. You can also compel sims for small or deep drinks. 
And if you're really hungry even drain their life spirits. 

Note: Draining a sim's life spirit erases their memory. 

Plasma Fruit

Eating a Plasma Fruit may not be the best way to go about satisfying a hungry Vampire. It doesn't give you much of a hunger gain nor does it sustain a sim for very long. They tend to lose hunger immediately after drinking a Plasma Fruit.

Plasma Fruit can be used to create other dishes like Plasma Salads and Plasma Jane's once you reach a certain level in the Vampire Lore Skill. 

The best place to find Plasma Fruit is outside of the large mansion in Forgotten Hollow. Once you Harvest and Plant the fruit on your lot you'll have an unlimited supply. 

Plasma Packs 

You can buy plasma packs on the computer or you can create plasma packs by going fishing and searching for frogs.

Plasma Packs fill you up better than Plasma Fruit so they are good to keep handy; especially if you have a Sloppy Drinker.

Vampire Energy

Vampire Energy is arguably the most important need a vampire sim has. Vampire energy is used to successfully compel sims for drinks and train. You can not die from emptying your vampire energy unless you're thirsty as well.

Vampire Energy can be gained through Sleep, Hibernation (*Coffin Required) and Dark Meditation.


Vampire Skills 

The Vampire Lore Skill is not exclusive to Vampire sims; non-Vamps may explore the skill as well. It is a 15 Level skill. You can start researching vampire lore on the computer. As you level up you will get access to Vampire Tomes.

Vampire Powers

Vampire Powers are abilities your vampire can gain, but with each tier gained you must select a weakness.

Vampires may ask vampires of a higher rank for Vampire training just as Master Vampires can train lower leveled Vamps. Training, Mediation, and making sure to interact with other Vampires will help you gain rank and abilities faster.

Vampires may also participate in Vampiric Spurs to gain Vampire Points and strength.

Lastly, Vampires can travel in many different ways. Bat Form, Supernatural speed which makes them move  3x faster, as well as a cloud of mist. 

These skills definitely make travel times faster but Flying as a Bat can become a tad frustrating with sims transforming just to fly back to the same spot. 



Cloud of Mist:

Remember to keep your vampire out of the sun if you haven't unlocked the Sun Resistance skill. Sun Exposure diminishes Vampire Energy very quickly. 

Though you rarely die from Sun Exposure alone. Stand outside too long and your Vampire can burn to the death...be careful. 

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