|GUIDES| The Sims 4 Pregnancy CHEATS and Babies Explained

So you want to make some babies. Or adopt some...
This article will provide you with info on how to do both.

There are many different things to consider when "Trying For A Baby" in The Sims. How many babies do you want? Do you want a specific gender? What are the odds of my sim successfully getting pregnant? 

Who Can Get Pregnant?

Let's start with who exactly can get pregnant.
In The Sims 4, thanks to the Gender Customization feature, any Sim and we mean ANY sim can get pregnant with just the push of a button. 

This Customization allows for you not only to allow male sims to get pregnant but also lets you allow your female sims to get others pregnant. 

These features become available once a Sim reaches Teen. By default, pregnancy is available from Young Adult - Adult. Elders and Teens can not get pregnant (though there are mods to allow for Teen Pregnancy) 

Getting Pregnant 

Getting a sim pregnant is not as easy as it seems. Simply "WooHooing" your sims will never result in a child. You must use the "Try For Baby" interaction if you are looking to conceive. This option becomes available once two sims reach a 40%-50% romantic relationship.

 Running the "Try For Baby" interaction results in an 80% chance of said sim getting pregnant. Meaning you're likely to get pregnant on the first try, but in the event that you don't, there are other ways to increase your chances. 

The Wishing Well that came along with Romantic Garden stuff gives your sims the ability to "Wish For A Child". If all goes well a child will be instantly added to your household otherwise you'll be granted the Try For Baby Moodlet, using the interaction while the moodlet is active gives you a 100% chance of pregnancy. 

In the Rewards Store, you can purchase a Fertility  Treatment, which will increase the chance of pregnancy as well as multiple births at once.

Adding the On-Ley-Line trait to your lot will also increase your chances of conceiving, along with Getting a Fertility Massage ( City Living ), or crafting an Elixir of Fertility ( Outdoor Retreat ).

Note: When using On-Dark-Ley-Line two non-Vampire sims may conceive a Vampire baby.

Increasing Your Chances To Have A Girl
- Eat Strawberries 
- Listen to Pop Music

Increasing Your Chances To Have A Boy 
- Eat Carrots 
- Listen to Alternative Music 

Note: These methods aren't guaranteed to work every time there seems to be a random generator to determine gender in the game. 
Doing these two things together seems to work better than doing them separately. 

Pregnancy: The Three Trimesters

Once your Sim uses the "Try For Baby" interaction,  the "Take Pregnancy Test" option becomes available on the toilet, It costs 15 Simoleons. Waiting around 24 sim hours after using the Try For Baby actions will also result in the " Eating for Two" moodlet if successful. 

Sims are pregnant for 3 days while pregnant Hunger and Bladder will deplete more frequently. Sims may also randomly run to the bathroom to throw up or get a "Morning Sickness" moodlet. 

Giving Birth 

Once in labor sims can give birth at home or at the hospital. If you have Get to Work you may follow your sims to the hospital. If not, the interaction is a rabbit hole. 

- Home Birth : 
To have a home birth the pregnant sim must be on their home lot. You can either wait 3 sim hours to give birth or if there is a bassinet available give birth to sim using the "Have Baby" interaction 

- Hospital Birth: 
If you have the Get to Work Expansion you will have the option to "Have Baby At Hospital " when using this interaction you are able to bring other sims with you to the hospital. Once you "Check-In" to the hospital the game does the rest. 

Note: Having a hospital birth grants you with a Birth Certificate 


If Pregnancy doesn't appeal to you there's always the option to adopt. You can use either your phone or computer to adopt a child. 

If using a phone click "Hire A Service'' and then "Adopt A Child". 
If using a computer press "HouseHold" then "Adopt A Child" it cost 1000 Simoleons. 

You can adopt Babies, Toddlers, and Children. Sadly, we do not have the option of adopting Teens just yet. 


Speeding Up Pregnancy 

Sims.Add_Buff Buff_Pregnancy_InLabor

Alternatively, you can use 

Sims.Add_Buff Buff_Pregnancy_Trimester (1,2,3) to skip ahead to the respective stage. 

Forcing Multiple OffSpring 

Find Sims ID Number: 
Sims.Get_Sim_ID_By_Name SimFirstName SimLastName, note the number that appears you will need it for the cheat to work properly.  
Force OffSpring count: 
Pregnancy.Force_Offspring_Count IDNumber #, replacing the # with the number of children you want 

Remember households hold up to 8 members so keep that in mind when choosing your number of offspring.

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