We just finished watching one of the most exciting Stream this year! The Sims Team really SNAPPED this time and all the Simmers share the excitement about the new content coming with the next update.

The Sims 4 game is celebrating the fifth anniversary on PC and The Team giving us a whole new set of objects and features!

We will only share some of them with you and the rest remains a secret to discover on your own after the update.


A very cool new feature was added in this Update! We're finally getting configurable stairs.
The entire staircase can be modified, you can make it shorter or longer, change the angles, make T L or U section stairs...pretty much everything you want BUT there are NO SPIRAL STAIRS coming with this Update.
Hope you're not too disappointed!


The Sims Team didn't forget about you CAS creators! 

There are NEW cool outfits coming with this Update. 

We're sharing with you some of the items that were shared on the stream today.

Other items that were announced on the stream are: lighted fences that glow in the dark, Muslim-inspired cas and building items, a garden gnome that can be used as a table for small objects, new patio designs and patterns, a new dining table, a new end table, a planting box that can be connected to create a seamless wall of planters, new foundation style and some new outdoor lights.

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