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Our agency is bringing you new properties this week available at The Gallery.

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Wizards Estate by @karllisek

Large estate inherited from generation to generation. 

- 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a two-story library, an astrological room, magic greenhouse, and a winter garden.

This property is listed for 439 978$ and it's definitely one of a kind!

Check The Gallery to see more pictures from this beautiful home.

Cobblestone Corner by @Charmaniac

This house is perfect if you are a fan of magic and spells. For this pearl, your Sim will need to allocate 111.003 Simoleons.

LOT SIZE: 30x30

Notes added by the creator: "After what felt like an eternity, I have finally finished my build for the #willowcreekrebuild project. This was built for a whimsical theme challenge. I could have gone more whimsical outside but I decided to save it for the interior. I'm pleased with the finished project and I really think the fairy that lives here is going to love it too"

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