|Simlish Gallery Spotlight| New Build by @mighty_isa

You must have this house if you're a true fan of magic. It will be a perfect fit for Glimmerbrook, the new World coming with this pack.

There is a lot of space in this house to practice your magic skills, a small garden to grow ingredients and a hidden bedroom in the roof.

As you all know, the Realm of Magic is coming out for The Sims 4 soon and we couldn't resist not sharing this beautiful house built by our member Jenn.

ORIGIN ID - @mighty_isa
Type - Residential
Size - 30x30
Number of beds - 5
Bathrooms - 1

Description added by the creator : 'Did you hear that? - What was it? Thunder? A shot in the distance?' - 'To me, it sounded more like a magical explosion on that mountain there. 
'Maybe the tales about the 'mountain witch' are true.' 
~ No CC, moveobjects, showhiddenobjects on before placing ~ furnished but may need a makeover :) Wooo! Witches are coming! ~ 

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