|News&Updates| EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW - The Sims 4 Realm of Magic: Deep Dive Livestream and Maxis Monthly

The Sims team announced two official Streams on Twitch

Friday, September 6th @ 11AM PT The Sims 4 Realm of Magic and September 3rd @ 11AM PT for September Maxis Monthly.

Wizenheimer aka as @SimGuruFrost has announced the Realm of Magic Official stream on his Twitter page.

The stream will be hosted by @SimGuruRomeo and @SimGuruNinja.

@SimGuruFrost also added "We will uncover all the secrets and mysteries that Glimmerbrook has to offer" so we assume there will be a lot of surprises featured in this Stream!



@SimGuruFrost also announced another very interesting stream hosted by The Sims 4 Gurus where they will present new CAS and Build-Buy items with which they decided to celebrate #TheSims4 Base Game 5th PC anniversary. 

You can also expect to see the fresh video update by @Thefiremonkeys.


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