|EXCLUSIVE| Interview with CC Creator - Paradoxx -

This weekend we had an amazing opportunity to interview Paradoxx Sims, a longtime Simmer who loves to create beautiful content for The Sims.

Paradoxx creates various CC like paintings, Sims, furniture and other amazing stuff that add so much to your gameplay!

Have you ever wondered how CC Creators are able to create things that aren't available in the game? Wanna know how does it feel to be a CC Creator?
Then this is the article you must read!
Paradoxx might answer some questions that have always interested you!

You can download Paradoxx's CC Creations at Paradoxx Sims, get the latest news and updates on her Facebook Page or consider joining her PATREON and supporting her work!

Thank you so much Paradoxx for your committed work that adds a lot to our gameplay! 

1. What got you into CC making?

I started making CCs because I got tired of imagining what I wanted my Sims game to look like. I wanted to see real art and vibrant colors in my game. I guess I just wanted to expand the content of an already great game.

2. What was the first piece you made?

A goth wedding dress for Sims 2, haha! I actually started making recolors for Sims 2 but I didn’t have the confidence to upload my creations. I kept my amateur recolors and meshes to myself because I felt like they pale in comparison to the brilliant creations I would download from other creators. But times have changed, the 1st CC I uploaded was Gothic artwork for Sims 4.

3. How long have you been a CC creator? 

I started sharing my creations in March of this year.

4. What’s your least favorite thing you made? 

I did a glow-up (when you take an in-game Sim and alter their appearance) of Nalani from Island Living. Some people liked her while others bashed me for her wide hips, small waist, etc. I did not take it personally as we are all very passionate about the game but moved on to create more CCs.

5. Did you ever think you’d be where you are now?

Not at all. I always made excuses for why I couldn’t make CCs and/or upload them. But I have a supportive family that is my biggest cheerleaders. 
I also receive so much love and support from the Sims community that it gives me so much motivation to continue to create!

6. How often do you upload creations?

I try to upload weekly, sometimes if I am lucky multiple times a week.

7. Where can we find all your creations?

You can find my creations on my site Paradoxxsims.com

8. What are your plans for the future?

My plans are to create more builds, sims, furniture and anything else that my imagination allows. I am excited for what the future holds!

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